Rapido Distinction I1090


Synactiv’s added value lies in its design of parts which are complex in both form and technical constraints, be that in manufacturing or assembly.
On this project, our team designed the front and rear, the rocker panels, the wheel arches, and the interior trim and fixtures.

VR project review

Evaluating the exterior design of a vehicle on a screen isn’t very practical, and when the first prototypes come out, there can be a number of surprises, both good and bad. For this reason, we produce virtual reality project reviews.
It isn’t possible to walk around an 8.79 m long x 3 m high vehicle in front of a screen. Virtual reality combined with calculated reflections in real time allowed the client and our team to understand the impact of each line and surface very early in the design stage.
For the Rapido I1090, three different types were designed for the presentation of the project.


The Synactiv team produced photo-realistic images of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, including all materials and lights to obtain a realistic and immersive ensemble.


In a shared vision of the development of Synactiv’s activities and the evolution of the Rapido brand’s presentation platforms, our team produce a 360° visit of the vehicle.

hold down the left click of your mouse and move your cursor to turn around yourself. You are also able to change your point of view by clicking on the white points or with the right bottom menu. If you want to see the visit in fullscreen, you will find the option in the options menu “…” .

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Given the immersion offered by the project reviews rendered in virtual reality, we jointly decided to present the vehicle in its entirety using this technology. All the aspects are there in this immersive experience – materials, lights, accessories and numerous interactions with the interior fixtures and doors.

As no amount of words or pictures can truly convey this experience, the Synactiv team warmly invites you to visit us to experience this first hand.