Solamanzi Waveski


Mathieu BABARIT, five times WaveSki World Champion, came to see us about a dream he had in mind: to manufacture a made-to-measure production model of his favourite waveski for the benefit of fans of the sport.


Firstly, we scanned Mathieu’s favourite board. We also discussed the technical characteristics of his product as well as the dimensions which would need to be adjusted to suit the size and weight of each customer.


In order to manufacture the first prototype and validate that it was technically possible, we produced a retro-design of the scanned model, in other words the re-modelling of the scanned forms to render them usable for design and manufacturing.


Once the prototype had been built, we checked the dimensions using 3D scanning. This enabled us to highlight potential differences between the 3D model and the finished product prior to launching the production series.


And lastly, once the prototype had been validated, we rendered the CAD files configurable. In other words, the geometry of the 3D model can now be adjusted depending on the end-user’s size and weight data input.